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Disaster Recovery

You never know when you need it until something happens and you wish you had it. With our Recovery plan we can restore all your lost data due to a Data breach or act of God at a reasonable price.

Fully Managed Servers

Our Servers are fully managed by our dedicated IT team. Whether it would be for web, database, or virtual machine hosting we have you covered.

Network Security

With this day in age of technology security is most important. When it comes to APT’s, Malware and Rouge hackers we offer solutions to protect you and your business. 

Managed Colocation Services

Network up time means nothing if you don’t have the power. With your servers and network equipment at our facility we ensure you dedicated fiber speed connection and little to no network outage.

Cloud Hosting and Virtualization

Need to access files or data? We offer options to host your information in our secure cloud environment on a separate dedicated fiber internet connection between your business locations.

Cyber Security & Remediation

With solutions ranging from Secure Email gateway (SEG), DDoS, and Certified website security (CWSS), Network Monitoring, and Firewall solutions we can ensure you that your business is protected. This includes HIPPA, GDPR, CCPA, & PCI DSS compliant solutions.

Consulting Services and IT support

Need an IT team but don’t want to spend the time on managing them? We offer our IT team to be your companies direct line of support if any issues arises in your network. We offer our specialized team of  IT consultants to help with your companies growing needs. 

System Monitoring & Event Notification

With systems and networks changing constantly we offer monitoring services to see the changes in your network in real time in a simple management window. With push notifications and SMS compatibility know what is going on in your system at all times.

VoIP Managed Solutions

We can make managing your VoIP systems easy and trouble free. With our diverse range in products we can work with your companies needs. Whether it be VoiP lines or now even Analog lines we can cut down the cost and increase reliability of these services to your business.

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